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Michael Thorn: "Bogna is a true original - both in character and artistry - I love her moods and manipulations - she can be hysterically quick-witted and disarming in her comments, but when not cracking jokes can be extraordinarily insightful in her responses to images she likes. Bogna is a great photographer with a very bright future; she is a warm spirit and a treasured online friend".

Heather Evans Smith:"Her work blows me away every time. I look forward to every post. Finding her on flickr has done nothing but inspire me over and over again. I credit her with pushing my photography further. Thanks Bogna, I look forward to more inspiration from you."

Miss Aniela (Natalie Dybisz):"Bogna's exquizzite work makes her one of the strongest influences I have encountered on the internet. Most of the time I do not see her work as photography, but pieces of painted art that she has somehow produced using a camera and a computer. She has a wonderful imagination from which she expels loaded masterpieces with all the colour and elegance of Renoir's strokes or Flaubert's words, all the time using her own variety of smouldering poses from finger to toe, akin to a series of ballet moves. She has become like a celebrity to me. I would be starstruck to meet her".

Hans van de Vorst:"Spiritual, romantic, emotional, witty, crazy and serious. A woman who captures a broad range of emotions and finds them almost everywhere. When found she picks a treatment to energise these emotions to a unique level. She's an inspiring artist and a sparkling friend.With the eyes you can watch, but with the heart you can see. Bogna sees."

Simon Pais: "Stop beeing so fantastically creative, sensitive and beautifull. if i had to pick up somebody to re-create paradise, that would be you. that's all i have to say. STRONG, UNIQUE, FRAGILE."